Welcome to Threshingfall.

Once, the city was known as the Golden Citadel – back when the Great Gold Wyrm called it home, and his shining paladins made it a beacon of justice and hope in both bright ages and dark. The Citadel fell when the Great Gold Wyrm interposed himself between the screaming hordes of the Abyss and the rest of reality. For hundreds of years, the paladins of the Wyrm would clear out the ruins, determined to keep the site free of monster dens and outside influences even though rebuilding the Citadel was a hopeless endeavor.

Some say it was a sloughed off, rejected addition to the Priestess' ever growing Cathedral (and indeed, it does sometimes seem a dark mirror to Santa Cora). Some say it's the product of evolution – a more benign version of a living dungeon, a living city (and indeed, it's geography seems to shift slightly, and the shadows grow long too early in the day). But the city eventually called Threshingfall appeared without warning – empty, silent, and waiting – in the place where the Citadel had stood. And over the past ten years, citizens made a home there. Bureaucracies sprouted in the urban loam. It is on the cusp of becoming a true regional power, gaining in both trade and influence.

You are one of those citizens. Threshingfall is your city.


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